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REVIEW: How many developers does it take to test a product?

 REVIEW:  How many developers does it take to test a product? September 28, 2020  by  Wayne Rash OVERVIEW: A collection of feedback from specific and named software organizations on how they form their development teams. Summary Quotes: " While in most cases, for every two to five developers, one tester would be fine..." "many variables come into play, ranging from  the availability of automation tools in testing  to the income reliability of the project, to how much of the testing can be automated" Software Criticality factor - "mission critical applications, including automotive, heavy truck, and mining equipment product development. A single failure could lead to death or disaster." Further thoughts from the reviewer:  We need a way to rate the efficiency and skills of test team.  AKA some warm bodies can reduce the efficiency of a test team.  We need consistency on how we generate test cases and determine coverage.  We need software test optimization!