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What does it cost to hide defects? $0.5M in this case

 REVIEW:  Konica Minolta settles lawsuit alleging flaws in EHR software for $500,000  by  ELISE REUTER  of MedCityNews "The whistleblower case alleged that an electronic health records company acquired by Konica Minolta cheated on certification tests to hide software issues." Summary: -" In 2015, Konica Minolta acquired Viztek , a North Carolina-based health IT company." -"Viztek allegedly hard-coded its software to pass certification requirements" (a.k.a. doing the Volkswagen) -Not a lot more details here, but another example of the length of deceit people and companies will go to hide defects rather than fix them.

Review and executive summary: Five reasons test automation projects fail by Ford Arnett

Full ariticle :  Five reasons test automation projects fail  from by Ford Arnett If you are about to embark on a software test automation investment, this is a SHOULD READ, and if you aren't - this is a MUST READ to get you going down the automation path! Summary: " Test automation... has an alarmingly high failure rate. Often, this is due to unrealistic expectations, lack of understanding around automation, or not putting enough focus on value." Key Points: " 1. Forgetting automation software is still software" - manage it like other software development.  Have standards, schedules, set deliverables, version it, test it, and re-use - re-use - re-use (don't reinvent if you can help it). "2. Automating ‘just because’" - prioritize functions to be automated and start with high-value tests with the largest time savings. "3. No organizational support" - set the right expectations with all stakeholders. &quo