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REVIEW: DevOps Practice » Debunking Five Common Automated Testing Myths

REVIEW: " Debunking Five Common Automated Testing Myths BY   ELYSIA LOC K  of DevOps Practice " Summary: Although " automated testing is imperative for DevOps maturity and success", many things hold us back from achieving success with automation, and among these (mis) beliefs and issues are: 1. " We Don’t Have the Time to Slow Down and Add Automation" - many organizations have proven the investment in smart automation pays dividends over time. A few general examples... 2.  " Automated Testing Is Too Difficult and Frankly, Just Not Worth It " -  start with high value low hanging fruit and make a solid foundation for growth. 3.   "We Have to Hire a Specialized Person" -    I will take the counterpoint here and disagree.  I believe that although most people in your org likely can learn and start to automate, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your automation strategy, DO NOT RE-INVENT THE WHEEL .    If you do not have a person

REVIEW: 3 Test Design Principles... by Melissa Benua

REVIEW: 3 Test Design Principles... by Melissa Benua This concise review of priorities and test strategy for continuous integration testing is highly recommended. Quick summary: 1. Reliability "If a test is only 99% reliable (one false report in every 100 test executions), and you run it 200 times a day, then your team will be investigating false-positive failures at least twice daily. "... 2. Importance ..."In a continuous integration system, the most precious resource you have to spend is engineers' time. Engineers have grown to expect results quickly, and they are unwilling to wait for something they perceive as wasting time. So ensure that you're getting relevant results back as quickly as possible."... 3. Specificity ..."But if you only have a budget of five minutes for an entire integration test pass, for example, and every integration test case takes 10 milliseconds, then you have time to run only 30,000 test cases. And if you

Vision application testing datasets

Do you need datasets to run against your vision AI software projects? Color detection: Google-512 dataset used with robotic interactions and 11 colors. USC SIPI Image dataset   supports research in image processing, image analysis, and machine vision.   IMDB Wiki dataset for face detection. CIFAR-10x dataset for image classification.

Custom testing software and conversions

Do you need custom test software developed or need to convert tests from one tool or format to another?  We specialize in these test development projects!  Contact or respond to this blog entry for an estimate.