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Kobiton Software Test Survey

Kobiton Press Release Summary of Software Test Survey: 55% said automation would improve software quality 76% are currently automating fewer than half of all software tests 85% said they’d like to automate at least a quarter of all test cases eventually 58% said their automation programs are relatively new or at least six months from beginning 26% are struggling with the process of evaluating and choosing the appropriate test automation tools  17% have found it challenging to train and acquire skilled automation engineers 73% are manually running at least 100 tests prior to each software release 51% are releasing software updates daily or weekly

Re-starting the software test optimization conversation.

Let's start the conversation with these questions: How would you describe your software test methodology? Agile, structured, ad hoc, custom, or other. Approximately what percentage of your software tests are automated? What are your software test automation tools? Which software test environments are all used? embedded, desktop, web, apps, IOT, other. What test levels are all formally documented in your software test scope: unit/module, build, functional, system (structure rather than test type) Do you have a formal test strategy or process document guiding your test planning? What are your priorities and goals for test improvements? (such as maintainability, new function efficiency, or defect reduction) After baselining your current test state, the next step is digging into a deeper review of a recent test project's test documentation and assets.  Contact KLOMAR to take the next step!

Regex skills for testers

Software testers can use regular expressions ( regex ) for test data generation and test tools.  A useful site for learning, generating code, and checking your regex is Regex101 .